Social Drinking vs. Alcoholism

Social drinking vs. alcoholism

No other disease has the ability to affect as many cultures, age groups and backgrounds as alcoholism. Many individuals suffering from alcoholism are reluctant to admit or may be unaware that a problem exists. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that is processed in the liver and spread throughout the body via the blood stream. This leads to a decreased heart rate and respiratory depression. Small amounts of alcohol can create feelings of relaxation, but this effect is temporary. Alcohol’s potential for abuse and dependency makes...

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Teen Alcoholism

In the United States today, alcohol is the most commonly used drug among teenagers. Teens are ruining their opportunities in school and hurting their relationships with their family members. In addition, many are getting hurt, if not killed, in alcohol-related accidents. In fact, alcohol kills 6.5 times more of our country’s young people than all other drugs combined. If you are a teen struggling with alcoholism, you should learn more about the statistics and consequences that go along with drinking. Teen Alcoholism: Statistics American...

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Women and Alcoholism

Alcoholism can affect people of all races, genders and age groups, including women. While alcoholism may affect all groups of people, there are unique causes of alcoholism in women and unique reasons why women may neglect to enroll in rehab. Alcoholism is a complex illness, and it’s essential that all groups of alcoholics understand the unique factors that influence their decisions. Below, we’ve provided some information for female alcoholics that can help them make treatment decisions. Women and Alcoholism: Health...

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