What Causes Alcoholism?

What causes alcoholism?

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcoholism, you may wonder how this powerful addiction began. Why does it seem like some people never become addicted, while others become alcohol dependent so quickly? Will a person with alcohol addiction in the family become an alcoholic? Take a closer look at alcohol dependence and the root causes of alcoholism to understand more about the disease and recovery. What Is Alcoholism? Did you know that there is a difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence? Alcohol abuse is the act of...

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How Does Alcoholism Begin?

Alcoholism is a disease suffered by people who can not control their consumption of alcohol. They have developed an addiction to alcohol that will destroy health and happiness if not treated. Most people have been impacted by alcoholism in one way or another, and many have grown up with a family member who struggles with alcohol abuse. While there is a high level of awareness of this disease, there is confusion about how alcoholism starts and why some people become ensnared by this life-controlling disease. The Genetic Causes of...

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Teen Alcoholism

In the United States today, alcohol is the most commonly used drug among teenagers. Teens are ruining their opportunities in school and hurting their relationships with their family members. In addition, many are getting hurt, if not killed, in alcohol-related accidents. In fact, alcohol kills 6.5 times more of our country’s young people than all other drugs combined. If you are a teen struggling with alcoholism, you should learn more about the statistics and consequences that go along with drinking. Teen Alcoholism: Statistics American...

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