Why Support Is Important during Alcoholism Recovery

Why support is important during alcoholism recovery

Alcohol is a part of mainstream American culture. You see commercials for alcohol, alcohol is present at many business events, a family barbeque will include alcohol and many social activities involve alcohol. Alcohol is not going away, so it is up to the recovering alcoholic to learn how to live in this world and avoid alcohol. This is a lifelong process, and it is a difficult path to walk if you attempt to do it alone. Throughout your recovery process there are people, services and resources available to provide the support you need. Support...

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Five Common Fears about Alcohol Rehab and Recovery

Five common fears about alcohol rehab and recovery

It is normal to feel some anxiety about beginning an alcohol rehab program. Most people turn to frequently asked addiction questions to address this anxiety. Below are five common fears about alcohol rehab and recovery to help ease your mind. For more help and support, call our toll-free helpline now. The Fear of Stigma, Judgment or Embarrassment during Alcohol Rehabilitation and Recovery Our society has a history of misunderstanding addiction and mental health care, but scientists and doctors have proven that addiction is a disease related to...

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