Why Support Is Important during Alcoholism Recovery

Why support is important during alcoholism recovery

Alcohol is a part of mainstream American culture. You see commercials for alcohol, alcohol is present at many business events, a family barbeque will include alcohol and many social activities involve alcohol. Alcohol is not going away, so it is up to the recovering alcoholic to learn how to live in this world and avoid alcohol. This is a lifelong process, and it is a difficult path to walk if you attempt to do it alone. Throughout your recovery process there are people, services and resources available to provide the support you need. Support...

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Tips for Using Alcoholism Helplines

If you are living in Tennessee with an addiction to alcohol and do not know where to turn for help, a helpline can offer you many benefits.  If you are in the deep end of an alcohol addiction, you may remain isolated and alone.  Calling an alcoholism helpline gives you the opportunity to speak to another person about your addiction which can be crucial to your continued health and well-being. When calling a helpline, there are some things you should know before placing the call. Tips for Calling an Alcoholism Helpline The following represent...

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