Tennessee Alcoholism Treatment Centers

Tennessee has a population of just over six million. With so many people living in one state, it’s inevitable that alcoholism is a major issue. More than 20 percent of Tennessee residents are battling an addiction to alcohol. While this disease destroys one’s own personal life, it can also have drastic effects on others, many of whom are innocent bystanders.

The incidents of drunk driving in Tennessee have been on the rise and the statistics show you how necessary it is that you think about others before you drive, even if you’re not worried about your own safety.

Drunk Driving Statistics in Tennessee

Based on information from the Department of Transportation, there were 1,035 traffic fatalities in the state during 2008. Of those, 35 percent involved alcohol. The state has been working to impose strict drunk driving laws to deter residents from driving under the influence. Currently, Tennessee laws for first offense drunk driving consist of:

  • Revocation of license for one year
  • Jail time of up to 29 days
  • Fines of $1,500

In 2008, the Tennessee Highway Patrol made 3,356 arrests of individuals who were driving under the influence of alcohol.

Driving while drunk will place you at risk for different things.  By driving under the influence, you place your life in danger and could be responsible for taking the life of another.

Drunk Driving Risks in Tennessee

When you are drinking and then choose to operate a vehicle, there will be risks. These include:

  • Accident risks are increased when your blood alcohol levels are above 0.05 percent.
  • The chances of being killed in a car crash are increased by 380 times when driving drunk.
  • Males between the ages of 21 and 24 are at the highest risk for dying in a car crash when they have a blood alcohol content above 0.08.
  • Nationwide, there is one fatality every 31 minutes that is related to alcohol.
  • In the United States, one out of 139 licensed drivers is arrested for driving under the influence.

The only way you can prevent these risks and avoid being killed or killing another person in a car crash is to receive treatment for your alcoholism.

Getting Help for Tennessee Alcoholics

If you are a resident of Tennessee and have a problem with alcohol, we are here to offer help. We can assist you in finding an alcohol rehab center so you can avoid becoming a statistic and overcome your addiction to alcohol. Call the number listed to speak with a representative who can steer you in the direction of treatment. You don’t want to be responsible for taking the life of someone else so help is essential.